Doug Race

for Squamish Council 2018
Proven Experience

Build a better Squamish for a better tomorrow
House in blue
Garibaldi at Squamish:

This proposal would provide for a downhill ski resort with four season activities and a large real estate development at the northern boundary of Squamish...more

Growth Management

Squamish is undergoing a period of unprecedented growth and development  pressure. It has affected property values, vacancy rates for rental housing and housing affordability...more

Housing Affordability

The pressure on housing prices and availability we are presently experiencing in Squamish is shared by many other municipalities...more




I have attempted here to provide information about my education, my career and community & recreational events I have been involved in or have participated in. I have also attempted to provide some insight into my position on some current issues facing our community. 


We live in one of the most beautiful settings in the world. Our community is strategically situated between a world class ski resort and one of the world's leading cities. This creates advantages for us as well as challenges.


I practiced law in Vancouver, Whistler and Squamish for almost 37 years. In that time I acted on behalf of clients in a wide variety of business and land transactions. This has required negotiating and dealing with representatives of all levels of government, First Nations, financial institutions and private sector corporations and individuals. 
I moved to Whistler from Vancouver in 1978. In 1986 I moved to Squamish and have lived here since. In this time I have been involved in many community related charitable and recreational initiatives.


I was first elected to the Council of the District of Squamish in 2008 and re-elected in 2011and 2014. This will be my fourth election campaign. In my previous three Council terms I have served with three different Mayors. I believe my work experience, community activities and experience as a Councillor would make me a valuable part of the next Council.

On October 20 make a good decision and vote for proven experience. Please vote for Doug Race for Council.